Anniversary Email 62

Please join me in wishing a very happy 10th anniversary to<NAME>. Heading into the double digits as the outside temperature soars into the triple digits. It is not all celebration and joy, however, for they have come. The bees. In massive swarms they have invaded, conquering the Usery Mountain area. Some say it is all part of a diabolical plan to turn all of Las Sendas into one massive hive, a labyrinthian structure from which they can wage war on Phoenix, turning the surrounding cities into fields of corpses from which more flowers might spring to feed their insatiable need for pollen. That their empire of wax and honey shall creep ever onward, slowly extending its way across the desert southwest, into California, where at last they shall meet the ocean. From there the bees shall fashion submersibles of honeycomb and plumb the depths of our world, bringing the aquatic world under their control.
Of course, others say it is just some bees and the apocalyptic warnings are little over the top. That bees can’t swim, let alone make submarines. That this sort of message is hysterical and a waste of time. That we in the bee fearing community need a new hobby. Wherever the truth may lie, it is clear no one can stop them. That we are doomed and nothing can be done. Soon all the world will be one gigantic bee hive. Certainly some survivors will be spared. Forced to toil for the bees, feeding and caring for their queen. Made to mix them sugar water and serve as the vanguard for the bee army, a human shield wall against their foes, from behind which they shall swarm and overwhelm their enemies. It is too late for humanity, but perhaps we can send a message into space, warning others to steer clear of the earth, for it belongs to the bee dominion. Now and forever.

Happy anniversary!