Silicon Valley and Efficient Problem Solving

This is in reference to the following clip, which is INCREDIBLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK:

First, any good engineer would have determined that the sorting process alone would take more time than they have available. You would be better off using the other guys to spin up multiple instances of the same two handed process. Then you don’t have to account for hand dominance, either, you can just swap them out easily. And this is entirely ignoring blowing dudes at the same time. Just really shoddy problem analysis.

Basically, this is like trying to brute force a password. Now obviously variables like password length, mixed case, alpha numeric, special characters, etc all effect the time to crack it, but all of those are outside of your control. You could find them out, but that takes time and a different skill set. You are better served focusing on what you can control: number of threads attempting the crack and/or better hardware/faster algorithm. In this case better hardware/faster algorithm would mean hiring a professional. More threads is more people. They can realistically expect a portion of the audience to be female, and of the remaining men only a percentage will be gay or bisexual. Further, if they only need a plurality to win, they don’t have to jack off everyone, but rather a subset, controlling for those who would accept the hand job but then vote for someone else anyway. I don’t always recommend just throwing hardware at a problem, but this is one of those instances (tight time frame/brute force) where it would apply, giving you time to sit back and engineer a better solution later, once the immediate need is fulfilled.