Anniversary Email 44

Congratulations, <NAME>. I echo <OTHER NAME>’s sentiments of W00T W00T. W00T W00T, the warcry of the ancients that once inhabited this planet. Even now their spirits remain, trapped in the forgotten caves where they sought refuge from the scourge than burned their corporeal forms to cinders, leaving them only as echoes. Their time spent in lightless isolation drove them quite mad, and from those who wronged them they learned well the lessons of rage and hatred.

These ghastly shades seek to once more return to the lands of the living, where they will make use of the abhorrent knowledge they have accumulated over their long years spent trapped in the dark. With their atrocious command of technomancy they will turn our own mechanical creations against us, ushering in a new era of torment and pain.

As you can well imagine, having such fiends as allies would do wonders for our stock price. Would any analyst not give us a buy rating when a skull faced reaper droid stalks them mercilessly, ready to strip the flesh from his bones and wear it as a gruesome mask as it hunts down any who dare stand against this new order? I think not. The sky will be the limit, even as our own existence becomes a harrowing descent into the depths of suffering and depravity commanded by these fiends.

The first step is, of course, to find suitable vessels for their malign intelligences. Shells which can be corrupted by their dark arts, sending the current occupant to take the place of the new inhabitant in the foul halls of dread. There to languish and suffer as they have for millennia, never again knowing sanity or peace.

Please come see me in one of the huddle rooms for completely unrelated reasons. Thank you.

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