Anniversary email 29

Happy 6th Anniversary, <NAME>! Yes, you were instrumental in helping us get off of the legacy platform running Windows Server 2003, but no one can do anything to stop the legacy of death penned in the blood of the virtuous by Arkzyxthoth the Devourer. From his reeking pit deep within the bowels of the subterranean caverns of the lost city of the forbidden people, it has for countless centuries recorded a litany of vile deeds. Attended by crazed servants that flagellate themselves into in a state of frenzy using barbed whips, its toxic influence knows no bounds. What hope have we of sanctuary when such a monster clothes itself in the skins of the righteous and picks its venomous fangs with their bones? While we build our platforms and serve our customers, Arkzyxthoth plots to doom the innocent and cast our works to ruin, until all that remains of human kind is servile race of sycophants toiling in a kingdom of toppled ruins and blighted graves. So happy anniversary! Enjoy your great success. For Arkzyxthoth turns its baleful gaze towards us, and covets all that we have made.