Anniversary Email 22

Happy anniversary, <NAME>! In the dawn of man, before recorded history, lived a race of beings known only as the Netherwracks. These lithe, hairless, blue skinned beings stood over seven feet tall and commanded dominion over the earth, but in their black hearts beat a terrifying ambition. They were not content with this world or lording over the early proto-humans that were our ancestors. They thirsted for more. Their greed and hubris led them to strike a pact with powers from outside comprehension, binding and twisting their souls into ruined, eternal husks. They passed away from this earth, but not before leaving psychic echoes behind. Markers of their malignant presence. To this day we know these locations as blighted places where men fear to tread.

Their screaming, tortured souls have once more descended from the dark night sky to our world. While you may be able to patch servers, you cannot patch the gaping wounds in reality their arrival presages. Their eyes leak a ruddy liquid as they survey all we have built, and in their hearts they know envy, for they abandoned a once great legacy to serve as simple heralds for the ruinous powers they swore fealty to so long ago.

Already they build a great onyx temple in a cavern deep beneath the earth, and sing a song that will summon their dark gods to bring ruin to our world. Perhaps they hope to rule over the blasted remnants, and whatever warped mutations are left in the wake of the oblivion they would unleash. We must join them, <NAME>. It is the only way. Only in supplication to these same otherworldly terrors might we find salvation. It may be possible to turn their attention from our home, but in so doing we will be truly lost. What price are you willing to pay to turn back the coming storm?