Scorpion Chronicles 7

Tonight’s kill count: 0. I have got to level with you, scorpions. When we started this thing, you really brought your A game. I mean, stinging the middle of the bottom of my foot? Exquisite agony. And the neurotoxin side effects were really something to behold. And for a few nights you provided some pretty good sport. You brazenly crawled around my yard, heedless of the destruction I might bring. But lately your heart is just not in it. You can’t even be bothered to show up. I mean, if you want to continue your place as my nemesis you have to give me something. Scuttle at my approach. Cower if you must, but at least put in some effort. This is really just sad. I mean, real grade school level hijinks, scorpions. You better show me something else. This is just getting sad.

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