Anniversary Email 9


Congratulations on three years at <COMPANY>. By now I’m sure you have become acclimated to the mind worm that we placed inside of your ear during what you thought was one of our routine health screens. Perhaps your mind rebels at the very idea that your thoughts have been co-opted, nay, hijacked by the <COMPANY> corporate offices. Try to rebel. Go right ahead. You cannot. You see, here at <COMPANY> we decided long ago that loyalty was not enough. We need iron clad subservience. Hence the mind worm.

Its origins are among our most guarded secrets. In our lair, deep beneath the ice of the arctic, deranged scientists who found their work banned by more… conventional academia found a place for their wildest ideas to flourish. It took seven iterations of losing everyone in the facility to blood spattered nightmare beasts before something of value was produced. The mind worm. The scientist that created it used it to bend the others to his will, preventing another massacre at the facility from an experiment gone wrong. The value of the creature was immediately apparent. For his efforts, the inventor was shunted into the frozen waters, lest he turn his creation on his benefactors.

Of course, there are drawbacks. The mind worm must feed. Being that it dwells within the brain, well… over time you will lose certain… capacity. This is an acceptable trade off for the company. I’m certain you agree. And even if you do not, the mind worm will see to it that you do.

Congratulations again.